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Welcome to the CruiseTech Store.

We are passionate about delivering higher performance solutions which make our customers' lives easier. 

Need help? Get in contact, we will be happy to assist.

Michael Spencer, Company Director

(CruiseTech Store is the trading name at TakeMyTech LTD)

About us:

We were set up in late 2016, originally to help our friends to find quality laptops for less. 

We look for high-durability, speed, reliability. It started as a hobbies - though soon the volume had increased. 

We hope that we can find you a solution that works well for you.

Why is the website so basic?

We're currently working on a new website. It should be ready in the late summer 2018. For now, our eBay store is our main channel. If there is queries or product request - you're welcome to get in contact. We can add custom products to our sites for direct checkout - just request it by getting in contact. 

Local collection:

We're a mostly online based company.   

Tech support tele: