CruiseTech Store (Free UK Delivery)


Why is the website so basic?

We're currently working on a new website. It should be ready in late 2018. For now, our eBay store is our main channel. If there is query or product request - you're welcome to get in contact (email: 

Welcome to the CruiseTech Store.

We are passionate about delivering higher performance solutions which make our customers' lives easier.  

Need help? Get in contact, we will be happy to assist.

Michael Spencer, Company Director

(CruiseTech Store is the trading name at TakeMyTech LTD)

About us:

  • We first traded in 2016, originally to help our friends and colleagues to find quality laptops for less. Though soon the volume has increased. We're excited to be able to offer a wider range of product, with more robust coverage.
  • We hope that we can find you a solution that works well for you.  
  • We focus on the product models with high-durability, speed, reliability.

Peace of mind:

We include a return to base coverage from the date of arrival (duration may vary, see the listing).
Our technician will provide support (simply contact us). If the initial remote diagnostics shows the need, we may request for you to get the item to us for servicing (within 30 days, repair/replace, or refund available); after the initial 30 days, a refund will only be arranged if repair or replacement is not possible. After the initial 30 days, the onus of the postage cost is with the buyer.

  1. During the service, we cannot be held responsible for any data loss that may occur, as we may be required to reinstall the Operating System (which will erase previous data).
  2. We are unable to offer data recovery. As a good practice, we advise our customers to regularly back up their data.
  3. This does not apply to cosmetic wear due to use, nor existing issue(s) already noted in the original listing, nor does it cover any consumable part (e.g. the battery). During the service, if damage due to misuse is found, e.g. liquid / drops, cracked glass, etc, then the cover will be voided (set out fully in the "additional return policy details" below).

Local collection:

Most of our business are online, we do not have a customer accessible show-room. However, we may be able to offer to view of our laptops locally, upon arrangements in advance.

Tech support contact: 

+44 7826850600