Duration: from 2-5mins to setup, the troubleshoot session could take 15-20mins.

The online remote troubleshooting would enable our technicians to check if the device may need software updates to run more smoothly.


  1. What you see on the screen is the same as what we see during the session (we would simply take control of the mouse & the keypad for the duration of the session, which you can pause at any point). After the session ends, we will no longer have access to your computer (unless we both agree to start a fresh session, a fresh password is then needed from you to reconnect into the computer).
  2. Some of your files may be visible to our technicians in this process, rest assured we’re focused on resolving any issue. You can pause the session at any time (please let us know).
  3. We’re not responsible for any data loss in this process (please backup your data first if possible), and we do not offer any data recovery service.
  4. Remote troubleshooting could help with some hardware issues, however, it does not typically resolve the hardware issues. If it turns out that any issue persists after the remote session, we may arrange a service with you.

What you’ll need to get started:

  1. Download TeamViewer (free) & install it (2-5mins):

https://www.teamviewer.com/en/products/teamviewer/ Once Installation is complete, choose ‘No, I only need TeamViewer for personal use’.


  1. Keep our website Chat open (during the arranged time), so we could communicate there.
  2. Using our Website Chat:
    1. Let us know the Your ID (for TeamViewer) - so we’re able to start a connection.
    2. Let us know the TeamViewer’s Password (changes per session) - so we’re able to remote in.
  3. Once we’re on: we’ll open a notepad & use it to communicate with you.
  4. We may need to restart the computer, if so, once you restart, a new remote ID & password would be issued, let us know this, to enable the access for this session only. Just visit our website (www.cruisetech.co.uk) and use the chat.
  5. Once we’ve finished, we’ll indicate so with Chat/Notepad. We’d then no longer have access to the computer & would need a new password to be able to login again.

We’ll be available by phone on 01782 976280 between 9am-5pm, if you prefer to speak to someone to walk you through this.

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