This year has been very productive at CruiseTech.
We would like to take a moment to say, that we're grateful to our customers (whose feedbacks shape the work we do). As we gradually to grow, 2019 has been a milestone, notably:
  • We've launched our new website: which we will continue to improve. We're also building more presence online (e.g. on YouTube to gradually expand the content available), to make the online shopping experience easier (e.g. through more hands-on videos, etc).
  • We have begun to take on employees & moved into a larger office. We're gradually able to attract, retain a small, talented team, with the customer-centric approach. Moreover, by being based in the North of England, we're able to deliver more customer value, thanks to a sensible regional cost basis. Many who have worked at/for a small business (such as ours), may appreciate the often long hours during the early journey. With your support, we've grown & are excited as we head into a new decade in 2020. 
    For now, from the small team at CruiseTech, we would like to thank you for your support & share the warm wish for a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Sublime Holidays & a Great New Year.
    From Michael & the CruiseTech Team, December 2019


    Just some bonus:
    We'd like to share a few glimpses of the office progress.
    • Back in early 2019 - we've moved to a larger office.
    • It was ... very minimalistic when we have moved in:

    The before & after:
    The work has since been completed (giving us the space needed to gradually expand).
    Useful experience for us. Very much looking forward to 2020.