Lenovo ThinkPad E14 (Ryzen 5) First Impressions

The first impression of the ThinkPad E14 (Ryzen 5) is fairly decent for an entry business system. The E series sits below the more premium L and T series, retains most of the feature of the T / L series. As you can see in the chart, it's heavier than the T series - although comparable to the L series.

The E14 is available with both the Intel, and the AMD processor. For this generation with the AND Ryzen 4000 - even the Ryzen 5 model (6-Cores) should have a significant performance boost on the ThinkPad E14 (especially in the multi-threaded workloads). For comparison, the Intel model will still be reasonable for the everyday workload, have a comparable / marginally faster level of single threaded performance. In the lighter everyday stuff - there will be very little difference.


Like the L14 series - the E14 model does not have any thunderbolt 3 port, regardless if you get the Intel, or the AMD model. The Thunderbolt 3 remains a feature for the X / T series with the Intel Processors for now.

The exhausts of the fan is towards the bottom of the screen, will be preferred by some T/L series owners - as those machines exhaust the warm air on the sides (noticeable under heavier workload). At the same time, the base fan intake on the bottom is enabled by a a thick rubber foot on the rear base (meaning that the laptop probably cools better on a flat surface).

Difference with other ThinkPads

With an entry ThinkPad - the best way to think about the features difference across the ThinkPad, would be that some are reserved for the higher end models. For instance, the ports on offer, is quite strandard for a business laptop. Could do with more ports, although creatively improving shouldn't be an issue (can't use the USB-C port, at the same time as charging; imagine would get a USB hub to have more devices).

Keypad frame is reasonably firm (very little flex); the design inside looks like the latest Carbon (the material is very different). The speakers are usable for a business laptop (to be clear, you'll get better speakers on entertainment laptops. The display could be brighter, etc (FHD IPS option available between 220-300nits, an optional touch screen is available). The "self-closing" lid could be more firm, in the closing stage (mentioned in the video). Anyway hope it's useful. If we have time, we might do a more detailed review.

For now, what we'll say - is that it seems the E14 is a popular model, some spec might be back-ordered / out of stock.