Here's our first look video at the X1 Carbon 6th vs 7th Generation.
We've briefly looked at the latest X1 Carbon (2019) with the most recent X1 Carbon 6th Gen side by side.
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 7th Gen notes:
It has noticeably improved speakers, the power button has been moved (to the side) to accommodate the upward-facing speakers. The build is marginally lighter & thinner (not too noticeable). The keypad & trackpad click buttons still feel very decent, though seem to have marginally shallower travels. The 4K HDR display option is available too (some might wish there was still a slightly lower res 1440P HDR option for better battery life, currently unavailable). You'll definitely notice the upgrade overall, if you're coming from the X1 Carbon 5th Gen or older.
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th Gen:
A very solid machine today - decent refurb price today (vs lower end 7th Gen config). If you have a higher-end X1 Carbon 6th gen already, then perhaps you won't get as much from the 7th Gen upgrade (that said, the speakers have definitely improved). If you're still considering the ThinkPad X1 Carbon vs other machines (e.g. XPS 13, Yoga X1, etc) - just make sure you select it with an appropriately long warranty (for peace of mind).
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