5 Things to Make Working from Home Easier

We know that for many working from home has been a big change, so below are just a few things we think can help. We only sell laptops ourselves for now, that said, this is focused on my personal experience during the lockdown.

External wireless keyboard & mouse

Having a wireless mouse & keyboard is great for keeping your desk less cluttered. For me, when I was working on a laptop, I did find the wireless feature invaluable. For the first month or so of lockdown I didn’t have one, and it made such a difference once I ordered mine. Nowadays their battery lasts quite a while (the rechargeable models might cost more, but over time be simpler to use; Logitech and Microsoft are the popular brands, it ranges from the starter price, to something more specific e.g. Logitech Master MX series).

Available online from about £20.

Second Monitor (or Screen)

Increase your productivity with a second monitor (or a second screen if you’re using a laptop). Having a decent sized additional screen - 22 inches or more (ideally with Full-HD resolution or higher) - is something which I’ve found massively helpful (when working from home over the last four months). It made it so much easier to get work done.

Available online from about £60.

Laptop Dock

If you are working from a laptop, laptop docks are fantastic if you are mainly working from a desk, but sometimes have to move around. They stop the hassle of having to unplug everything - you only need to unplug one cable. They’re also helpful for enabling you to work in a more ergonomic position (e.g. especially in combination with a laptop cooler/stand easier). Manufacturers will have their own models, which guarantee support; 3rd party versions can be cheaper, though it helps to check that they’re supported.

Good brand specific docking stations available online from £100.

Ergonomic Chair

Invest in a ergonomics chair

A bit more of a spend, and perhaps only something you’d get if you were likely to continue working from home after the lockdown fully eases, but an ergonomic chair can be great for your back. Looking for one with a head-support is a tip. If you’re particularly tall, keep in mind the measurement to make sure that it fully fits. Prices vary quite a lot but a starter one is likely to set you back a few around £150 or more.


This is probably something you already have and by far the most expensive item on the list, but it goes without saying that having a laptop helps massively for working from home. It means that you can move around the home easily (many laptops will have a webcam too) - certainly not possible with a desktop - and when you do come into the office or go for a meeting you can take it with you. I know that if I didn’t have a laptop (Dell Precision 5510), it would have been a real struggle - I had to move round the house a bit with several of the people I live with working from home too (and often having meetings on Zoom).

Like all blog writers we have looked around to see if there was anything we missed that people were doing to make working from home easier - one suggestion was noise cancelling headphones to focus on work when attention is required (something which parents might relate to) - but it was mostly just pictures of people who had got pets.

So here’s a picture of my dog Charlie (not just for lockdown).