What should you look for in a business laptop when you travel?

Laptops for business can be a tricky balance, between choosing one that is best for performance and staying in the office, with one that is better suited for travel. When choosing a business laptop for travel there are three main criteria to consider; weight, size and performance. Below we’ll explore a few laptops which we think make the cut.

Some options we picked out


From Lenovo, the T480 and the T480s are the popular business laptops that are well suited for travel. All with 14” screens, light and an impressive spec, they are definitely ones to consider. MobileTechReview does a good review of these (and the X1 Carbon) which is worth checking out:

Dell have three models that strike you most as suitable for business travel. The Dell Latitude 7480 and 7490, like Lenovo’s T480 and T480s, have a 14” screen and light enough for travel. As well as being light and of a portable size, they are also quite a high spec and are commended for their build quality. You might want to check out MobileTechReview’s take on the Dell 7490:

Last of the Dells, the Dell XPS 13 is also a good option for someone who has to travel with their laptop on business, and looks great. With a 13” screen it is slightly smaller than the other models, but still has a great display and is a high performance laptop. It’s also pretty light at 1.23kg. If that interests you, it is worth checking out Linus’ review of the XPS 13:


When looking at great laptops for travelling, you can’t leave out Microsoft’s stunning Surface Book 2. With a 13.5” screen, size wise, it comes in between the XPS 13 and the other models, although it is one of the heavier ones of the laptops we’ve discussed. However, it is a beautiful laptop and performs. It’s worth checking our Dave Lee’s great review here: