The Lenovo T440p - Why should you still get one in 2019?

Here at CruiseTech if there is one laptop we really love, it is the T440p. Not the most beautiful of laptops, but we still love it. Let me tell you why.


First and foremost, the T440p is a reliable laptop, which is designed to be used. The build quality is great and it isn’t one of those laptops where you have to be worried about it getting damaged easily.


The T440p is available for a remarkably good price. Originally retailing new for about £1500, we now sell the T440p refurbished for as little as £249, with options to upgrade the Hard Drive to an SSD and the RAM from 8GB to 16GB. Whether you go for an upgrade, or want the standard model, you get remarkable value for money.

Great for office work.

It’s good for the usual office work. Whether that’s working on a spreadsheet, writing a letter, or doing a bit of research it won’t get in your way. With an i7 dual core processor and 8GB of RAM (on the standard model) it’s more than powerful enough for your office needs.

Replaceable battery.

One of the best things about the T440p is that, unlike so many modern laptops, parts can be replaced if you want to and the battery is a prime example of that. Not only that, but batteries for the T440p are still widely available.

Has a DVD Drive.

You can’t state enough how much of a rarity it is to get a laptop with a DVD Drive these days. So having a DVD Drive is another thing that you might find particularly handy, and we love, about the T440p. You’ll still be able to load from CDs (they still exist!) or DVDs, and watch the odd movie you have lying around - outside of work time of course.

Portable, but robust.

Finally, this laptop is portable, yet robust. Not the thinnest laptop or the lightest, but it is still very much portable, and its robustness provides you with the confidence to use it for all occasions. 

Great for a new office worker, teacher or a student.

The T440p would be great for a variety of uses, but particularly for a new office worker, teacher or a student. 

When you’re employing a new member of staff and have already incurred all the costs that go along with the hiring process, you don’t want to be spending a lot on a new laptop. Equally, you don’t want to be giving them something that will slow them down either - leaving the T440p as a great option. 

There’s no avoiding the fact that budgets are tight in schools at the moment, nor the fact that teachers often have to move their laptop around their building (or buildings). They need a laptop that’s available for a good price, is portable and robust. Again the T440p fits the spec.

Students are always moving around and similarly need a portable, robust laptop that doesn’t cost the earth - but will do the job. The T440p is a great laptop for students; doesn’t get damaged too easily, is portable and affordable.